Constance Zimmer Unveils the Secrets of Harlan Coben’s ’Shelter’ on Prime Video
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Constance Zimmer Unveils the Secrets of Harlan Coben’s ’Shelter’ on Prime Video

During a recent Press Day event interview, Constance Zimmer participated in an engaging and insightful conversation, shedding light on her significant role in the Prime Video series "Shelter." This series is an adaptation of the celebrated literary works penned by the renowned author Harlan Coben. With a candid and introspective demeanor, Zimmer offered viewers a captivating look into her character within the series while also delving into the intricate narrative and thematic elements that underpin the show.

The interview, rich in depth and transparency, served as a captivating exploration of both Zimmer's perspective and the enthralling universe of "Shelter." Through her articulate responses, viewers gained a deeper appreciation for the series and the creative dynamics at play. In essence, the interview promised to provide audiences with a more profound understanding of the series, enticing them to delve further into its intricacies and experience its compelling storytelling firsthand.

This interview was recorded/filmed prior to the SAG-AFTRA Strike.

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel by acclaimed author Harlan Coben, the new mystery-thriller series premiered globally August 18 on Prime Video.

Harlan Coben's Shelter follows the story of Mickey Bolitar, after the sudden death of his father leads him to start a new life in Kasselton, New Jersey. Mickey quickly finds himself tangled in the mysterious disappearance of a new student at his school, Ashley Kent, which leads to uncovering unimaginable secrets within their quiet suburban community. With the help of his friends-the inventive Spoon and the secretive Ema-Mickey pulls back the sleepy facade of Kasselton to reveal a dark underground that may hold the answers to decades of disappearances, deaths, and legends … and perhaps even his own complex family history.

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